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This lateral restraint installation was a housing association repair. The poor tenant was at her wits end because simply shutting the front door meant the entire section perpendicular to the gable end rocked from front to back. Wind was blowing through huge gaps in the gaps between the sections around windows and doors and blowing straight through the house and out the same places where the issue surfaced around the back door. The build quality of this house overall should in our opinion, never have passed any inspection at the time of purchase and was simply not acceptable for habitation without urgent repair.

We started the lateral restraint installation project by removing all the cladding across the front of the house. This connected with the soffitts on the ground level was all that was supporting the wall from falling down. The wall sections between the gable ends were timber frames with a concrete stippled board stapled to it. The main doorframe section could be pulled several inches away from the timber walled section, more than enough to get a hand through comfortably, a massive security risk. The situation was caused where the timber frame fasteners used, had corroded away due to exposure to the elements over the years and consequently the wall was left hanging.

We used Wykamol lateral restraints which are basically threaded rods with a drill bit on the end. These are often drilled from the outside of a building non-intrusively perpendicular to the joists. Not only does this bind the joists together offering more stability across the entire property, it also gave us a very strong and solid framework to reconnect the front of the house to. Installed every 2-4 inches both vertically and horizontally, this lateral restraint installation is a sure winner and will provide warmth, security and peace of mind for many years to come.

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