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Have you got or have you experienced tree root damage to walls? Each year, untold damage is reported to us regarding properties all over the UK with damage caused by tree roots. The cause is simple, structural damage is caused when roots grow under or through foundations and start to push the bricks and mortar in directions they should never be pushed about in. Houses are designed with vertical strength, each brick is held together with wet mortar which then hardens to form a rigid structure. It is imperative that there is no movement after this point as cracking will occur and the structural integrity or the building will be compromised.

If you have experienced tree root damage to walls on your property the fix is not always as simple as the explanation why it occurred. Roots tend to grow into the structural elements and stay there, so simply felling the offending tree will not solve the issue. The root, literally the root cause needs to be completely removed and in extreme cases needs to be rebuilt. Some root systems can completely obliterate a regular concrete foundation. In the same way that Allied POW’s in Japan suffered the bamboo torture, this is similar except slower and equally as destructive.

A general rule when purchasing or considering a property for purchase is to have a full structural survey done especially if you suspect tree root damage to walls on the property. A qualified structural engineer should pick up the issues caused by roots pretty early on in the survey. Foundational movement will often manifest itself as a series of small or large cracks throughout the general area above the foundation damage. It may extend further however, always best to have a specialist take a look for tree root damage to walls for peace of mind.

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